Thoughts from Jacob’s life

So I was listening to an audiobook from a Nigerian pastor called Chris Oyakhilome called “When God visits you.” In it he talks about Jacob’s wrestle with God and how afraid Jacob must have been to face Esau. He was so full of fear that he decided to get alone and pray! He needed to seek God! Fear drives you to either seek Him or run from Him… My thoughts wandered at this point and thought about what it must have been like for Jacob about to face Esau. Esau wanted to kill him and most likely wasn’t about to change his mind. But something strange happens – Jacob has an encounter with God, has his name changed to Israel –  then faces Esau who is suddenly nice to him!

Jacob stole his birthright and then his blessing and vowed to kill him…this would not have been easily forgotten even over the passing of years. It would have always been in the back of Esau’s mind that the next time he sees Jacob, he’s in for it. He was out to get revenge, he was out for blood.

It was impossible for there to be peace between the two brothers without this encounter with God. Totally and utterly impossible. Because of the blessing and favour God bestowed on Jacob, now Israel, God did something in Esau’s heart, and he couldn’t go through with his plan of revenge that he most likely held in his heart for years.

My thoughts concerning this today is simply this: whatever we are facing in life, howbeit impossible, only an encounter with God can change it. Only the blessing and favour of God can change it. Maybe you need peace in your family like Jacob and Esau needed, maybe you genuinely wronged someone, and you have come to the point where you must face that person, and it’s very scary for you…man does not forget easily, but if you seek God and get alone with Him as Jacob did, and cry out to Him then He can forgive you, bless you and restore such favour on you that he can change the hearts of your “Esau,” even the most vengeful and downright bitter people who are bent on ruining your life – he can stop them dead in their tracks. Esau was stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the blessing and  favour of God on Jacob’s life.

A scripture comes to mind when I write this now: “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17)…we are favoured and blessed sons and daughters of the Most High God and for a long time I had forgotten this fact. I lost sight of the truth of God’s Word and who I am in Christ because I stopped reminding myself in His Word.

The truth is, If God is for us, who can be against us?? These scripture verses are a reality! Encounter the Lord and watch Him turn things around by His grace, His unmerited and undeserved favour!

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