Just another thought…

Hey guys and gals! Well here I am, 3am and I’m at work! I have 4 and a half hours left, so in-between doing my duties, I have been praying. Putting on instrumental worship on in the background helps a lot. You know how sometimes you want to pray but you don’t want silence but you don’t want to sing along to a song either, but you want that atmosphere of worship? So I thought an instrumental would be just perfect! It’s a good thing about having an Apple Music subscription, you can search for just about anything and it comes up.

So in my prayer and devotion time, I prayed and asked the Lord what He wants me to do for the rest of my life. What is my purpose for being here? I thought of my previous mission journeys when I was 23. When I first moved to the outback, it was not a sacrifice – it was an adventure. In fact, I’m not sure if God actually even called me out there at the time. I just wanted to move out of home and go on an adventure! Sure, I thought I did want to serve God, but in reality, I wanted an adventure. There was no real sacrifice involved.

“But you went to the outback where there was nothing around! Of course it was a sacrifice!” You might think this, and it really did look like a huge sacrifice. One pastor told a church I was speaking at one time, “He went out there with no money, no savings in the bank, just what the church gave him to drive up there. That’s a huge thing to do isn’t it?” It would seem to everyone else I was making a big sacrifice, just because I never saved money, didn’t own a house to rent out while I’m away…no backup plan. I just went. But you know what? I didn’t care about money, I didn’t care about getting a house and all that stuff. I just wanted to live a simple life and preach and have an adventure. The truth is, I had fun out there. I had no bills, I ate kangaroos and sat around campfires telling yarns and drinking tea and making new friends. I’d go for bush walks and get lost and find my way back again and it was great! I’d go for long drives and enjoy the scenery and go camping. It wasn’t much of a sacrifice. It was an adventure.

As I thought about these things tonight, or early this morning anyway, I thought I don’t know if I could go out there these days. I have a good job, I have a beautiful girlfriend I hope to marry someday. I need to save money and get out of debt that I put myself into…how could I, if God actually did call me, go out there with all these responsibilities? I don’t even have a family of my own yet…How do families with kids do it?? If I did all that today, then maybe it would be a sacrifice, as I would have no idea how I’d pay my debts and earn any decent money. Back in those days I lived off Centrelink (Australian welfare system) and that’s all I needed, and they didn’t even require that I look for work or nothing! I lived like that for two glorious years! I mean I did actually do voluntary work for the church – I mowed lawns, drove their buses into the ground (and was blamed for doing so, and they may have been rather accurate!) and participated in all church events and working bees etc. But I was free in-between those times to do as I pleased. And that I did!

How does one with responsibilities actually make a move to serve God like the move I made when I had no responsibilities in life at all? Families with kids have moved to philippines, the outback and india…all over the world in response to the call of God! How do they do it?

Anyone out there want to share your thoughts on this? Maybe some of you will say, “Where God leads, He feeds, where He provides, He guides,” ya know, all the cliche sayings. It’s about walking by faith, not by sight, all of this, and it’s true. I thought I had more faith when I was younger, but it seems to me I had less to worry about if it didn’t work out!

Some of you might say, “well you don’t have to go out ‘on the field’ to serve Him, you can do that in your job right here and now.” Good point, so very true. In my job, however, who am I going to minister to? The wall? All my clients are in bed! It’s a very peaceful job…a great opportunity to spend time with Jesus, that’s for sure. And write!

So while that statement is very true, I just don’t see my life doing the same thing every night at work, night in, night out. There’s got to be more I can do, ya know? And my point is “IF” God were to call me out of my job anyway, I’m not actually saying He will. He may want me to write to you every night, ha ha…but I have more things in my heart I want to see happen, and I suppose if God were to call me away again, well, I should leave the details to Him, because thinking about the practicalities of it all is hurting my head and I really should take my mother’s advice…and really Jesus’ advice in Matthew 6; “Just live one day at a time!

Thanks Mum and Jesus, I will…

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